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America Gun

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"America" is a vintage gun that was originally obtained in Murder Mystery 1 but is now only available through trading in Murder Mystery 2. In terms of appearance, it resembles a revolver with a distinctive "pathfinder" shape, featuring red and white stripes on the upper region of the gun, a blue background with white stars as its handle, and a red barrel, chamber, and trigger with small white stripes. It represents the flag of the United States of America and was previously purchasable on July 4th for an unknown amount of money, speculated to be the same as Shadow, which was priced at 3000 coins at the time in Murder Mystery 1. It used to produce a "firework being launched" sound when fired, although this feature was removed in Murder Mystery 2. The model for America is shared with the Classic Gun and Golden, and it was based on a ROBLOX gear called "Sheriff Steve's Six Shooter," retextured to have the American flag's texture. Notably, it was the most expensive gun in the Murder Mystery 1 shop.

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